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Cape Mount is located in the Shanhaiguan 3 kilometers north of the city in 1961 was established as the national key cultural relics protection units in the first batch. Cape Mount is the result of Ming Great Wall and across the first peaks, and known as "the first mountain the Great Wall," the laudatory name.
Cape Mount towering mountains, rolling, is a natural barrier Shanhaiguan. Former Hill can look down off the city overlooking the sea, the mountain can enjoy endlessly rising peaks, Values, "northern part of Guilin" Yanse Hu, mountains lake, mountains and rivers, it is relaxed and happy.
Boarded the Cape Mount enemy units, neighbors cliff cliffs, peaks afar ups and downs, the sea such as the foot of the Great Wall upside down the mountains, there are poems, called "The Road since ancient times, the Great Wall to make insurance, the natural barrier strategic pass in the Cape Mount, the Great Wall upside down on the peak overlooking the city in front of Kwan . " Of view is fun firing up, and a myriad of thoughts, fully appreciate the "less than the Great Wall of non-hero" of the heroic spirit.
Cape Mount is not only the situation should be in, but a lot of places of interest. Xi Xian Temple is located in the mountainside, built in the Ming only the beginning of a remarkable Xiao Ming and Qing Dynasties, Zhan Rongkai literati such as seclusion of the study. Cape Mount after the peak name "Wai Spring Mountain," Xiao Gui Tian Xian resign from Fujian Province after the thatched cottage built here, the name "Wai Spring Hill," where he leisurely life.
Cape Mount has beautiful scenery and quiet environment, is indeed visit to Cuba Probe into the nirvana.

2. 英国旅游景点的英文导游词

England travel the beauty spot introction is tremendous from the beautiful British south, the fortress building stand up like a forest of the private of 威尔 , the boundless 荒 distributes with steep high mountain at first of the Scotland go to own the Albion of numerous Middle Ages cities,towns,houses and gardens scene beautiful.The following give everyone the introction is some beauty spots that can be provided as visit. aaa.com


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The old address of the ALNWICK fortress-promise 森伯兰 county ke and the 珀 west families, as early as they lived in here in 1509.The external appearance of the house belongs to the basinet structure and form, the ancient 朴 is cultured, the internal but again contains the countless jewelry and picture mural. The aaa website really likes

One of BA SI-England the most beautiful and cultured cities, because of its Georgia is period of house building style but the 著 call.You can visit to one person in the jerkin Rome the bathroom ruins of the grandiosity of the nearby establishment at the hot springs here. oh ye ye...

The BEAULIEU House-have ever been the residence of the Lord Montague, have 13 centuries to build up but is broken in the confused conflict by Henry's three a life times of the original of the Old Palace, still contain a National Motor Museum of the Lord Montague establishment here, collect more than 200s a big car,bus with race car.

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BROADWAY/EVESHAM/PERSHORE-BE three very beautiful villages, among them, the Broadway is the typical section 茨 fertile 尔 virtuous mound style building, but another two then build up the blessing and five 斯s in the 赫 is the black and white alternate wood system building of the county especially. www.aaa.com

CHATSWORTH-should construct to locate German the big slice of the flank of the river plant area especially inside, is a Devonshire one a life time cal establishment, the in the interval collects numerous invaluable jewelries, including the picture,book and furniture facilities etc..Still have here a gorgeous of garden, from the Capability Brown and the Joseph Paxton the two people's design build of, the inside still has the fountain that a water pillar jet is up to 90 meters. Welcome to aaa.com

Slice 斯 especially-this is an ancient city that owns 2000 history, is also England to keep a most complete city up to now, own an alternate Middle Ages building of numerous black and whites, wood system the store of the long gallery stand up like a forest in the street both sides.

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Reach to pull 谟 -12 centuries to build on a big church that the river turns a corner place, the adjacent promise 曼 fortress, become one part that reaches to pull the 谟 university now.

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JORVIK VIKING CENTRE-The Jorvik that locates to invite the gram Cape is a pirate city that haven't yet been uncovered completely by the archeologist, its conct and actions a museum re-appears the life that the Jorvik is people for ages. the oh ye ye...

The LEVENS HALL-this is the house of 伊 Lisa white ages that gets close to British lake, region, mortar 漫 ground,inset the plank 精 to pack, also cut of weird and odd bush garden. Aaa.com all rights reserve

Liverpool-BE call with the shell insect music band and the Liverpool and Everton football team but 著 of the 著 at the contemporary.It the dockyard region after reform still constructs its past maritime affairs atmosphere.

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WINCHESTER-it is a completion of work in 13 centuries, the most long elder brother in Europe especially the type church is also unique one part of 13 centuries that subsist down, the fortress building, still keep to have"second 瑟 king of round table" among them.

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WINDERMERE-this is a the most long of England lake, can multiply by boat from the Bowness until the lake is the Ambleside of the northern sides most. oh ye ye...

Invite big church of the gram Cape-BE the gathering ground of the North Europe pirate at the beginning, present now of then the elder brother of 13-15 centuries is the building style in the type church especially.The town is greatly part of to is surround by the basinet city wall, then winding around the street of the turns and twists mostly in the fortress.

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Mountain in this Nevis-locate the British Scotch mound center a tallest of the district mountain, the top of hill all has cable car to carry you to arrive whole year round to appreciate magnificent landscape halfway up a hill.


City in Edinburgh-it occupied Edinburgh most the eye-catcher position, and contained the royal house jewelry of the Scotland.

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GLENCOE-BE locate the 崇 mountain 峻岭 in of a long valley, the tribe war of the 著 took place with bloodbath in 1692 here. This text comes from aaa.com

The LOMOND gulf-BE Scotch numerous as that have a romantic color most in the gulfs, can also go boating but go here in the meantime.


The HOLYROODHOUSE palace-the English queen official residence in Scotland, however greatly part of have already been check to manage two a life times rebuild.

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The 斯 works properly fortress especially-come up to say its be rated as is the most grand in the Scotch fortress from the geography a position still a building style regardless. Be in love with a net, be in love with aaa

The TRAQUAIR HOUSE-it was a Scotch royal house to live ground in early days, was also the most ancient a.It is a royal house to round a field at the beginning, also returning someone to live now.

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Western region the highland coast-own the coast line and numerous gulfs and group of islands of the turns and twists here, can be regarded as the most beautiful place of Scotland. This text comes from aaa.com

The 尔 private of WALES 威

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The CAERNARFON fortress-this is the most attractive an in private's fortress of 威尔 , however first belong to Rome in 13 centuries all.This is what private's prince of 威尔 in 1969 资 purchase, it bagged various museums in the town.It even has ever been a harbor in ages of Rome.

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The LLECHWEDD mountain cave-it is 1 in the Blaenau Ffestiniog giant lime mineral mountain, is a named Tramway of the miner wears a hole hole circuit diagram detection fluently in 1846.But the second then locate the bottom of the most deep passenger transportation of England railroad, had been extend till Deep Mine.

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The PORTMEIRION is a village that is rich with a miraculous and romantic color, setting up in 20 centuries two,30's, adopt the building style of Italies.It locates at to go into seaport in river's river, the path bushy bushes and woodland.It is still the habitat of the Portmeirion pottery.

3. 厦门英语导游词带中文翻译

貌似有个厦门的导游论坛上面有不少的相关文案 你网络下即可找到

4. 英语作文导游词万能句

Hi Everyone, may I have your attention please, allow me to give you a general introction of myself first. My name...It is my pleasure to be your tour guide today.
Distinguish guests. Today we are going to see XXX.
Owing to lack of time, today's visit is over now.
Thanks for your cooperation.I do hope you enjoyed today's tour. Have a good rest. See you tommorrow.
Thanks for your cooperation. Today is the last day of the tour. We spent x happy days together. I do hope the tour is rewarding and enjoyable. Wish you pleasant journey home and good health.

5. 英文版导游词

Members Guest:

大家上午好,欢迎大家来到风光秀丽的江北水城-----。 Good morning, welcome you to beautiful Jiangbei Shuicheng -----。 聊城。 Liaocheng. 孔子曰:有朋自远方来,不亦乐乎? Confucius said: There are friends from afar? (对外省游客:山东民风纯厚,朴实无华,豪爽仗义的山东人热情欢迎各位嘉宾来此观光做客)首先做一下自我介绍…….今天能够担任大家的导游,我感到十分荣幸,希望我们共同度过一段轻松,愉快的时光。 (External province visitors: Shandong customs are simple and honest, unpretentious, bold and generous attempts Shandong people are very warm welcome to guests to appear on this tour) first introced himself to do something ... .... Today, tour guides can take you, I am very honored and I hope our common spend a relaxed, enjoyable time.

聊城古称东昌府,位于山东省西部,黄河下游。 The old name for Dongchangfu Liaocheng, Shandong Province is located in the west, the Yellow River lower reaches. 总面积8715平方公里,人口566万。 A total area of 8715 square kilometers, population of 5.66 million. 聊城处于京九铁路与济邯铁路,济聊馆高速公路的交汇点上,是呼南应北,承东接西的重要交通枢纽,交通十分便利。 Liaocheng in the Beijing-Kowloon Railway and Jinan Han Railway, Ji-chat Hall on the intersection of highways, is call the South should be the north, linking the east with the west important transport hub, the traffic is very convenient. 从聊城一个小时可以到达济南国际机场,四小时到达青岛港,实现了一个小时上天,四个小时下海的战略目标。 Liaocheng an hour can be reached from the Jinan International Airport, four hours to reach port of Qing to realize heaven for an hour, four-hour sea's strategic objectives.

聊城市内镶嵌着江北最大的城市内湖――东昌湖。 Embedded within the Jiangbei Liaocheng city's largest lake - Lake Dongchang. 它始建于宋熙宁三年,就是1070年,共有八大湖区,水面面积6.3平方公里,略小于杭州西湖,是我国江北地区最大的城市内湖。 It was built in Song Xining three years, that is, in 1070, a total of eight lake, surface area of 6.3 square kilometers, slightly smaller than West Lake in Hangzhou is China's largest cities Jiangbei lake. 千顷湖水,晴如许,明如镜,景色秀丽,民间有“南有杭州西子秀,北有聊城胭脂美”的说法。 1000 ares lake, sunny, such as promise, bright as a mirror, beautiful scenery, people have "the south, Hangzhou West show, the north Liaocheng rouge beauty" argument. 湖水环绕着1平方公里的古城,古城中央耸立着巍峨的光岳楼,京杭大运河像一条玉带侧城,湖而过,形成了“城中有湖,湖中有城,城、湖、河三位一体”的独特格局。 1 square kilometer lake, surrounded by ancient city, the ancient city stands a towering central light Yue House, Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, like a jade belt side of the city, lake and had formed a "city within a lake, there are city, town, lake, river trinity" a unique pattern.

我们聊城是一座国家级历史文化名城,现有全国重点文物保护单位九处(山陕会馆,光岳楼,曹植墓,景阳岗,钞关,鳌头矶,清真寺,舍利塔) We Liaocheng is a state-level historical and cultural city, the existing national key cultural relics protection units 9 (Shan Shan Hall, the light Yue House, Cao Zhi's tomb, Jingyang Gang, note off, Ngau Tau Angeles, mosques, stupas)

明清时期的京杭大运河为聊城带来了长达400多年的繁荣昌盛,曾被誉为“漕挽之咽喉,天都之肘腋,江北一都会”。 Ming and Qing Dynasties in Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal for Liaocheng brought up to 400 years of prosperity, has been called "watercourse draft of the throat, every day of the Zhou Ye, Jiangbei a will."

建于明代的光岳楼,全为木质结构,“虽黄鹤,岳阳亦当拜望”。 Built in the Ming-generation optical Yue floor are all wooden structure, "although Huang, Yueyang sort should call on." 建于清初的山陕会馆,雕梁画栋,富丽堂皇,是我国古代会馆建筑中不可多得的艺术杰作。 Jian Yuqing Shan mountains in the early Hall, magnificently decorated, magnificent, is rare in ancient China Center building works of art.

清代四大私人藏书楼之一的海源阁,“收藏之丰富,为海内之甲观”。 The Qing Dynasty, one of the four major private collection of the sea floor, the source Pavilion, "collection of the rich, for the inside and of a concept."

东昌三宝之一的宋代铁塔,古朴典雅,苍劲挺拔。 Sambo Song, one of the Fairmont Tower, simple and elegant, vigorous upright.

在市区周围,还分布着曹植墓,古阿井,迷魂阵,鳌头矶等一大批名胜古迹,阳谷的狮子楼,景阳岗早已成为水浒旅游线路上的重要景点。 Around in the urban areas, but also the distribution of the Tomb of Cao Zhi, the ancient Arab wells, scam, Ngau Tau Angeles and other large number of attractions, Yanggu of Shizi Lou, Jing Yanggang Water Margin has become a major attraction on the tourist routes.

另外,大家熟知的文学名著《水浒传》、《金瓶梅》、《聊斋志异》、《老残游记》,都与古聊城有着不解的渊源。 In addition, the well-known literary classic "The Water Margin", "Golden Lotus", "Liao Zhai Zhi Yi", "Travels of Lao Can," has puzzled Liaocheng with ancient origins.

聊城也是个人杰地灵的地方,是著名学者傅斯年,季羡林,国画大师李苦禅,民族英雄范筑先、张自忠,和领导干部的楷模孔繁森同志的故乡。 Liaocheng is also a place where outstanding people are well-known scholar Fu, Ji Xianlin, Chinese painting master Li Yan, built the first national hero, Fan, Zhang Zhizhong, a role model and leading cadres of Comrade Kong Fansen hometown.

近年来,聊城的旅游业发展很快,同时也带动了很多相关产业的发展。 In recent years, Liaocheng's tourism instry developed rapidly, but also pushed a lot of related instries. 市旅游局还推出了一些比较经典的线路:如工业旅游,红色旅游,生态健身游等。 City Tourism Bureau has also introced some of the more classic lines: such as instrial tourism, red tourism, eco-fitness tours. 其中工业旅游的线路想必也是大家都非常熟悉的:这就是中通客车有限公司――高唐时风农用车集团――东阿阿胶集团――阳谷凤祥集团。 Line of instrial tourism must have also all too familiar: this is the Link Bus Co., Ltd. - Gaotang when the wind farm vehicle group - Dong-E E-Jiao Group - Yanggu Fengxiang Group. 前三个都是上市公司。 The first three are listed companies. 纺织,医药,机械,造纸,电力,化工,等都是聊城的支柱产业。 Textiles, pharmaceuticals, machinery, paper making, electric power, chemicals, etc. are all Liaocheng's pillar instries. 东阿阿胶的出口量占全国的90%以上,时风农用车在产量,效益,利税等方面居全国同行业之首。 A donkey-hide gelatin East exports accounted for more than 90% of the country, when the wind farm vehicles in the proction, efficiency, profits and taxes, etc. ranking first in the same instry. 我市的化肥,客车,拖拉机,造纸等产品在国内亦占有重要地位。 City of chemical fertilizers, buses, tractors, paper and other procts are also occupies an important position in the country.

农产品加工企业发展迅速,肉牛,肉鸡,食用菌等农副产品销往五大洲四十多个国家。 The rapid development of agricultural proct processing enterprises, beef, chicken, mushroom and other agricultural procts are sold to more than 40 countries on five continents.

说起旅游啊,我们都知道它由六个方面组成“吃住行游购娱”,在这些里面呢,“吃”是大家都非常在意的一项。 Speaking of tourism ah, we all know it by the six formed a "meals, lodging, travel purchase entertainment" in these inside it, "eat" is the one we are very concerned about. 既要讲究营养,卫生,又要吃到当地特色。 We should pay attention to nutrition, health, and also eat the local characteristics. 下面我就给大家介绍一下我们聊城的特色小吃:(均要做详细说明) Here I will give you about the characteristics of what we Liaocheng snack: (all to be done details)

(1)圆铃大枣,滋补健身(2)魏氏熏鸡(3)呱嗒(4)高唐驴肉(5)冠县鸭梨 (1) The round bell jujube, nourishing Fitness (2) Clostridium Smoked Chicken (3) clack (4) Gaotang Donkey (5) Guanxian Pear

6. 导游词英文翻译

The Haining tide surge is rich the river tide, was luxuriant was the world marvelous sight since old times, it is the sun, the Moon the centrifugal force which and the Qiantang River mouth special trumpet-shaped object result proces to Earth's attraction and the earth rotation, the lunar calendar every month first day to the fifth day, 15 to 20 is the great tidal day, You Yiqiu the tide for good. The Qiantang River mouth, the turbulent sea tide, had name of since old times the world marvelous sight. When the big wave comes, by looks far, place of the water and sky docking, seemed to be that practices in vain reclines the surface of the river, then may hear an intermittent rumble thunder sound, the stuffy thunder resembles likely rolls. When the wave crest approaches, sees only the river water to rise suddenly, the very rough sea waves are turbulent, raise the waterwall which stands tall and erect. By now, the sound of the tide was rock the earth, just liked mighty force galloping comes, has “overwhelming Shan Weicui” greatly the potential. Its greatest tidal range reaches as high as 8 meters, magnificent sight the picture, only then the Brazilian Amazon River's tide surge may with it setoff. Haining has two tides every day, each tide may three look, namely the big gap meets the tide, salty official moist, the old salty warehouse to return to a tide, may also watch 100,000 armed forces sounds in the evening midnight the tide. Every year held “Chinese international Qianjiangguanchaojie” from 1994, every year the view tide reached 1,000,000 people. the salt official observes the moist paradise park is Zhejiang Province one of ten big tourist attractions, located at the Haining north west, is apart from the Hangzhou 45 kilometers, the Shanghai 160 kilometers. The park area 16 hectares, in have the Ming Dynasty to occupy ao the tower, the Qianjiang ancient sea wall, the Zhongshan pavilion, the day wind tidal bore pavilion, the Zhenhai iron ox, Shi Liang only then the monument, Zhong Gulou, the small Putuo temple, view tide Taiwan, south the platoon to go to sea scenic sites and so on key position, , if goes to the view tide from Xiaoshan, may ride the long-distance motor station 303 groups southern lines to arrive at the Nanyang view moist city. Lodging: Hangzhou Xiaoshan Qianjiang view moist resort, located at Nanyang view moist scenic area.

7. 英语导游词常见的翻译方法有哪些

翻译导游词的时候除了注意导游词的特点,遵循导游词翻译的原则,运用一般专的翻译技巧外,还应注意以下属几点。 一、专有名词的翻译导游词通常会涉及景点名称、地名、人名等专有名词,它们是翻译导游词的难点.对于这些专名的翻译,我们通常要采取以下方法处理: I.约定俗成 翻译专有名词首先要选择由人们经过长期实践而认定或形成的某种事物或人物的名称

8. 英语导游词

My home is in zhengzhou city, henan province jinshui district culture road 60 # neighborhood, here is a beautiful place.

Our house is 3 floor, front the no.3 floor with our building among, have a capacious, available for amusement place. On 3rd floor there by a neat row of the pagoda tree, summer when we play are tired, below shengliang. Spring coming on, the pagoda tree grows many buds.

Our house is behind the back garden. In the middle of the courtyard was a tall evergreen, a GuiHuaShu, all the year round to August GuiHuaShu was covered with yellow flowers, full courtyard fragrance. The left side of the courtyard has a FIG tree on a hot day, a tree covered with purple figs, and sweet, very delicious. The yard of most the right side and a ?




9. 导游词------翻译(TO英语)

Each friend's everyone good!
Welcome you arrive at the river the west eagle pond, I am"** travel agency" for you guide's member of the arrangement**, I hope to be each to explain in detail the service, the route of travel arrangement satisfaction to my following guides, hoping that everyone feels the happy delectation in this travel activity.
Now, I make use of the on the way this is very short and several very the clock is once the general situation of the dragon tiger mountain for the simple introction of everyone.
The dragon tiger mountain locates 20 kilometers of suburb southwest of the west province eagle pond of river, a cloud 锦 mountain.东汉中叶,道教创始张陵(亦称第一代天师)在此炼丹,“丹成而龙虎现,山因得名”,龙虎山因而也成为中国道教发祥地。Since ZHANG LING2, a teacher of religion of Taoism inheritted title 63 here, 历 1900, is an our country on ising a 嗣 to teach the most long religion of Taoism of time, the vegetable has the north bore( Confucius) the south piece( ZHANG TIAN SHI) it call.历来被尊称为“道教祖庭”、“百神授职之所”的大上清宫,始建于东汉,为祖天师张道陵修道之所。The dragon tiger mountain sets up 91 temples,81 Taoist temple,50 hospitals,24 palaceses,36 hospitals.这些宫、观、院多已不存,但规模宏大的上清宫部分建筑和历代天师起居之所的“嗣汉天师府”至今尚存。
The dragon tiger mountain view District area amount to 200 square kilometers of or so, mainly is distribute in the 泸 river river( again an up pure river) cross-straits, the scenery is beautiful.有九十九峰、六十六岩、一百零八处自然和人文景观,二十多处神井丹池和流泉飞瀑。The dragon tiger mountain because of religion of Taoism, more absolute being because of river of 泸 .景区内红崖碧水,奇峰怪石,山秀水媚,花繁林茂。Still fighting the country period leave of, the scale is great, the cultural object numerous last homes of precipice bury, becoming people's seek beautiful spot to explore the strange tour divine spot.源远流长的道教文化、独具特色的碧水丹山和规模宏大的崖墓群构成了龙虎山风景旅游区自然景观和人文景观的“三绝”。
Like, we already have arrived the dragon tiger mountain now, let us grasp the elegant appearance of the dragon tiger mountain together

10. 英文导游词翻译

三清山位于之间的结合扬子板块与华夏板块,北部是江西东北部缝合带深大断裂。自印回度支那运动答,三庆已进入大陆边缘暴力的变化和临太平洋结构的发展阶段。在晚燕山运动时期,大规模的酸性岩浆侵入活动发生的综合效应的三个断层在东北地区,东北和西北。三庆被抬升过程中(在)晚喜马拉雅期。在碳酸盐沉积物的沉积在Carnbrian和奥陶纪后期甚至ç ,磷,早三叠世被侵蚀更容易就越难花岗岩。花岗岩岩石暴露,由于山区的花岗岩进一步发展其形状特征通过侵蚀和剥离。三庆继续抬升到现在。